Get Refunded from Grindr

Have you been banned from your Grindr Xtra account and would like to get reimbursed for the time that you paid on the remainder of your subscription? Below you will find general information as well as additional contact info gathered from other members who have been in the same situation as you. 

Per Grindr's Terms:
You have 30 days to request a refund from the time of purchase. All refunds will have to be done through Grindr LLC. Grindr Xtra users seeking refunds will be able to contact support by emailing 

Send an email on a daily basis to the emails listed below until you have heard back.
Grindr Customer Support Email:
Refund Manager: (Kim Scott)

Grindr Account Help Email: 
Grindr Review Email: (Used to report suspicious activity on Grindr)

Write a letter to their Corporate Headquarters using the mailing address below:
Grindr, LLC.
6725 W Sunset Blvd, Ste. 430
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Grindr customer service phone numbers are:
1-800-714-2141 or (818) 724-4128. (General Information - No live support offered)
(213) 537-9305 (CEO Joel Simkhai - Voice mail to leave message)

Do you have any additional Grindr contact info that you would like to submit to ?
Please email us at


  1. I had bought grindr extra and cancel it because its pointless to me.. how can I get my refound of 47.00 back? It says 3.99 that's y I bought it but I got charge almost 50 dollars I would like my money to b back in my account

  2. Hey Angel, Have you tried the emails and contact numbers above?
    Let me know if you have any success. Good luck!

  3. Just sent emails do them. Apparently ive authorised an 39.99 year plan which I have not!

  4. Have you guys had much response? I'm in the same boat as you Andrew, and want to cancel all subscriptions and direct debits. Just emailed Kim myself, hopefully will be sorted asap!

  5. The bots are making the app ridiculous and pointless. Amateur developers and IT newbies can do far better.

    1. I 100% agree, the bots on the Grindr app are ridiculous! Even on the Grindr Xtra app

  6. Hi I've had to create a new account as I got banned from my other one for supposedly sending abusive comments to someone and now have been banned of my new account within 2 days of creating it can anyone help as I've contacted them by email and they just say the ban is permanent and don't even look at your messages to prove nothing abusive has been sent regard joe

  7. Grinder has been absolutely awful to me. I can't even begin to imagine how they stay in business like this. Last year, they completely lost my account. I mean seriously, I had hundreds of favorites saved it to the account I had been using for a couple of years, and it just suddenly stopped working. It was in accessible, and the customer service team answered a few emails and then stopped responding completely. I even opened new tickets in hopes they would answer me. Absolutely nothing. Can you imagine paying for a service and not getting any support at all? And then yesterday, they suspended my account for absolutely no reason. I know I have not done anything to violate the terms of service. As a matter fact, Claudio, one of their customer service agents, admitted in the email response to my ticket that I have not violated any term of service. He reinstated the account, then they banned it again two hours later! It still doesn't work. And I'm a paying customer. Can you believe it? I've never experienced anything so awful in my life from a business. If you pay Grindr a single penny for their service, you are insane. I will never give them another dime of my money.

    1. This same thing happen to me today, did they ever resolve this matter?

    2. The same thing happened to me today! Claudio! I literally was just using the app normally.

    3. The same thing happened to me. Suspended my account for no good reason. I signed back up to have suspended less than a day later. Signed up a third time. Now after 6 weeks, suspended again! Their customer service is the worst I had every experienced with any company!

    4. You know, I had something very similar happened to me, my account was banned, and the only reason was, not that they explain this, I met up with a guy, he turned out to be a thief stole my money and liquor and took off. So I posted his picture of his ad to warn other people of his theft, and not to deal with him, and they banned my account for whatever reason. However, looking at the use in terms of agreement, it does they they can cancel your membership for any reason, or no reason at all. So, how about that, they can be discriminative, and cancel your account for no reason, just because they don't like you, or having a bad day. Also, they have yet to contact me and explain anything to me, with zero responses via email. So, consider yourself lucky that they ever even responded to you, cuz they refuse to even respond to my service request.

  8. There is a class action lawsuit filed against grindr. Grindr is not in compliance with CA law. Google search to learn how to join the lawsuit.
    2005 California Civil Code Sections 1694-1694.4 CHAPTER 2.1. DATING SERVICE CONTRACTS
    SECTION 1694-1694.4
    (e) If a dating service contract is not in compliance with this
    chapter, the buyer may, at any time, cancel the contract.
    1694.3. Every dating service contract shall contain language
    providing that:
    (a) If by reason of death or disability the buyer is unable to
    receive all services for which the buyer has contracted, the buyer
    and the buyer's estate may elect to be relieved of the obligation to
    make payments for services other than those received before death or
    the onset of disability, except as provided in paragraph (3).
    (1) If the buyer has prepaid any amount for services, so much of
    the amount prepaid that is allocable to services that the buyer has
    not received shall be promptly refunded to the buyer or his or her

  9. Thanks for the info on the class action, ill be sure to check it out!

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  11. Seriously, I just want my money back. It's a really misleading situation.

  12. Hey guys, the best thing to do is if you have talked to them and they refuse to give a refund is to dispute the charge with your credit card company or your bank if you used a debit card.

    Every time they get a dispute, called a chargeback, their processing company charges them a fee of around $50-$100. Even if they end up winning the dispute they still have to pay this fee.

    If they rack up enough chargebacks, even if they win most of them (which they won't) then their processor will either terminate their account or charge them a much bigger fine such as 5-10% of all sales processed in the last year. If they get terminated then no other proceesor is going to pick them up. It's a death sentence.

    Without credit card processing, they will go out of business. If they start getting a ton of disputes they will have to start listening to customers instead of just blowing them off.

  13. Just got banned for what reason?? Apparently a stranger can message you and abuse you but if you tell them to fuck off you get banned!! That's the only reason i can think of. As they don't actually inform you on why you have been banned?? Fine Refund my money!! Worst gay app ever!!

  14. Account Suspended for no reason given, told to "contact customer service" that would be helpful if they HAD customer service. I have NO idea why and can not contact them. I have an Xtra account so I now have a service I have paid for and can not use. Ive e mailed all the addresses above as well as called and left a VM for Joel on his Google voice number. If I still lived in LA I would go to the offices and demand an answer. WHO DOES THIS??

  15. I got scammed out of 2/12 months for my 2017 Extra membership, got charged the renewal and still do not have access to EXTRA 1 month later..given all kinds of BS stories that they cannot locate my account, cc info etc...stay away from Grindr Extra!

  16. Just been banned on grindr no reason given sent note to customer service to reinstate been using grindr for some time no problems till now.any suggestions