Sunday, February 5, 2012

I was banned from Grindr, what now?

So Grindr banned you from using their service did they? Well you're not alone, Grindr bans several thousand profiles a day due to members not following the terms 100% by the book.

Apparently you can get banned by simply posting your profile picture with no nudity, but to much skin. You can also get banned on Grindr by placing "WTF" and "DTF" on your profile. Since this is the second time having abbreviations that are "apparently" against the rules, I myself have been banned from Grindr.

Fortunately for you, there are several Grindr alternatives available on the Apple and Android app networks. The following list of Alternative Gay Chat Apps have been selected and posted for your enjoyment. The list will continue to grow as they come in.

1. Jack'd
By Lucid Dreams LLC


 Enjoy chatting with over 2 million gay guys in your area and around the world!


A free social and dating app for adult men who are gay, bi or curious and looking to meet other guys. We say “adult men” because on MISTER, the men tend to be more mature and down-to-earth than on other gay dating apps.

MISTER men are diverse. There are suit-and-tie professionals and carefree outdoorsmen, tattooed gay skaters and beer-guzzling bears, leather men and vegan yogis, self-proclaimed flirts and relationship-minded homebodies, bearded guys, bald guys, jocks and muscle daddies. With MISTER, you'll have access to over 500,000 gay men from around the world.

MISTER men are encouraged to follow the MR Code. It stands for Maturity, Integrity, Safety, Truth, Enjoyment and Respect. Because of that, guys on MISTER tend to be more serious about actually meeting and getting to know people. Profiles on MISTER tend to be more personal and in-depth. 

3. MaleForce By Virtual Universe

The ability to record and play audio and video member profiles makes Maleforce Mobile the hottest gay dating mobile app around! And it’s free!
Maleforce Mobile is a fully feature-loaded chat and mobile social network service for gay guys. Downloading the Maleforce Mobile app to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is quick and easy. Within seconds you can find guys near to you, view their video or audio message, profile and photo. Message back and forth or receive incoming calls from other guys directly via your free anonymous Direct Connect number!
Search for guys or browse the gay venue listings to see who’s checked in to your favourite gay bar or club – in fact wherever you are you can browse your local gay scene to find out who’s going where!
Download the slickest gay mobile app for FREE on your iPhone today!


  1. Hi there,

    How do you do it on an ipad 2?

  2. Hey! Sorry to hear that you got banned on Grindr for something as little as "WTF". We've created a new gay social web app, and we have none of that profile moderation! You can type anything you want, upload any picture you want. No censorship, and always free. Give us a try! Closer men at

  3. Grindr are a bunch of nazi morons on a power trip, who think they can ban anyone they want, after they paid for their services. In other words thiefs too. Reason, oh they dont need one. After all they are judge, jury and executioner in one.

    If I had time and money I would sue them. They robbed me of $12 I paid for the service. Contacted the support and they could not even find my device id.

  4. I second that. they repeatedly blank text and my profile picture although it is 100% compliant with their guidelines just because they can. If there are more users like us we might be able to do something about it

  5. That's nothing guys... they also censor entire sentences depending on the words used within those sentences during your live CHAT sessions! So, the sender sees the message as sent, though the recipient never sees the entire sentence. I setup multiple accounts on different devices to test this theory since I could tell that they were censoring to some degree. Words like "KIK," "positive," "POZ," etc... They don't want to have people taking conversations away from their service, so they restrict those types of communications. They also don't to be perceived as an app with HIV+ people on there, so they censor those CHATS as well... so basically, someone can tell you over and over that they're POZ and you never see this notice, and meet them anyway. They're very irresponsible and stupid at this company. They are OK with spammers getting on there, they keep everyone on there for 25min even after they've logged-off to make it appear as if there's more ppl on there... the list goes on and on.....

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